2018 Range Rover Sport SVR: Is it worth the price?

Range Rover Sport SVR Price

Range Rover Sport SVR Price

The second generation Sport from the Range Rover Series is finally here. Range Rover Sport SVR is the name that it will be bearing. This generation has some pretty good features and additional styling to make it look just a bit more badass.

The new carbon-fibre hood, more air vents for optimal aerodynamics and completely electronic centre-console, operated through the big screens are few of the new features. There is also a spike in power. Read the full review of the 2018 Range Rover Sport SVR here.

But with all these upgrades, there is another thing that has increased, the price. A base Sport SVR will set you back some good $113,600. A well-specced one can go past $150,000 very easily. The time when SUVs were affordable is long gone now. More and more people are opting for SUV over sedans and pickups.

Is it worth the price?

Obviously NO. For $150,000, you could get a Chevy Corvette Z06 and a Ford F150. But why would you rather choose to buy the Range Rover instead of these two? Well, the answer is pretty simple.

The Range Rover is much more practical and comfortable than the Corvette. And you can easily take your Sport SVR to the track as it is one of the fastest SUV currently available on the market. Moreover, you can even take your whole family to enjoy some thrilling power and acceleration on the road. Hence, the Range Rover wins over the Corvette in every aspects.

Moving on to the Ford F150. Sure, this one is very practical but is it fast? Umm…well…no. Don’t get me wrong. The F150 is pretty fast for a pickup but can it match the performance of the Range Rover, hell no! Can the F150 match the technology and comfort that you get in a Range Rover? Absolutely not. The Range Rover, on the other side, is very practical and comfy at the same time. Basically, what you can do with the F150, you do it in much more comfiness and luxury. Believe it or not, the Range Rover has more off-roading tech than the F150. Once again, the winner is the Range Rover.

SUVs have kinda become trendy over the last few years and it will continue to be so for many years ahead. A lot of people nowadays are buying SUVs only to give them that bossy feel. Admit it, you feel on the top of the world when driving or being in an SUV. There are a lot who does not even look at a car’s price tag before buying. If they like how it looks, drives, etc…, they will get one irrespective of the price.

Conclusion: Yes, Range Rover is making a lot of profits selling these SUVs but most of the interested buyers are not even looking at the price tag. Is it really worth the price, let us know in the comments section below.